Great Stuff From the 70s!

Excerpt from The Village Guide about three men who made a difference: “During the fall of 1974, three young, enthusiastic men – a high school teacher, a college art professor, and an urban planner – decided to try to counteract the decline of the Village neighborhood.  Their task was to help renew self-respect and pride, and to attract new business to the area.

Tony Nicodemo, the high school teacher, was born and raised on Second Street in the Village.  He still lived there and was dedicated to his neighborhood.  As Executive Director of VITA (Village Italian Americans Take Action), a nonprofit, community oriented service organization, he pledged his organization’s help.

Martin Holloway, the graphic designer and art professor at Kean College in Union, New Jersey, became fascinated by the neighborhood and intrigued by the risorgimento concept. He adopted it as official college art project.

Jack R. Stokvis, the urban planner worked for the Jersey City office of Planning.  He was attracted to the Village by the Brunswick Street product markets and became friendly with all the merchants. What enchanted them was the Village’s special meaning for all of Jersey City’s ethnic groups as a reminder of the City’s diverse heritage and as a symbol of people who through hard work, quality products, reasonable prices, and friendship, ad created unique neighborhoods.

The concept of revitalization gained an official name: “Risorgimento” – Italian for resurgence.”