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Clove Garden of India

28 Jun 2020, Posted by Joe Vita in Spotlights

Our current business spotlight is Clove Garden of India. Having opened in March right before the COVID-19 pandemic began to affect the US, they had to close their dining room shortly after the grand opening. Like most other eateries trying to survive the COVID-19 crisis,…

The Urban Garden Companion

09 Jul 2019, Posted by Joe Vita in Spotlights

Helena is the founder of The Urban Garden Companion, a multimedia urban garden design platform. Featuring eco-conscious, low-maintenance, space-savvy designs, with an emphasis on environmental support and solutions to overdevelopment in an urban landscape. As an advocate and spokesperson for “growing” natural—using only time tested,…

Diesel and Duke

12 Jan 2019, Posted by Joe Vita in Spotlights

Diesel and Duke – Jersey City (389 Monmouth Street) is an American restaurant that serves mouthwatering burgers, poutine, fries, and desserts (fried Oreos). We offer take out, delivery or swing by to eat in and enjoy our free WiFi. Vegetarian options available!

Zahara Day Spa

01 Dec 2014, Posted by JCVillage in Spotlights

One of the Village neighborhood’s secret gems is Zahara Day Spa at 403 Monmouth St., which opened in January 2013. If owner and aesthetician Najat Hafdi gets her way, though, it won’t be much of a secret for long. Hafdi grew up in Morocco watching…

Jersey City Kickboxing

31 Oct 2014, Posted by JCVillage in Spotlights

Jersey City Kickboxing owner Paul Clark says that at his gym, students are more than students–they’re family. Kids, teens and adults who take classes at the gym don’t just get healthy and fit or train to compete, they also get to bond with Clark, his…

Warlock Drums

26 Aug 2014, Posted by JCVillage in Spotlights

Passing by the Dwyer home, 369 Third St., in the Village neighborhood, you might notice that it’s a little different from the other houses nearby. For one thing, part of its ground floor is home to the Lil’ Brick Schoolhouse childcare center run by matriarch Renee…

Shop Village: For over 100 years, small businesses have played a vital role in shaping the Village. The Village Neighborhood Association is committed to bringing awareness and support to those businesses that embrace the long-standing values and enduring community spirit of our neighborhood. MARK YOUR…

DeCarlos Bespoke

02 Jun 2014, Posted by JCVillage in Spotlights

DeCarlos Morse wants to make you look good. The tailor, who opened DeCarlos Bespoke on Monmouth Street about five years ago, says he works with his clients to make custom suits that fit their body and their style. “We keep it old school, the way…

Union Republic

24 Apr 2014, Posted by JCVillage in Spotlights

Union Republic, 340 Third St., one of the newest additions to the Village neighborhood, is a little wonder that owners Noah Sexton and chef Greg Torrech, 33 and 35, say has multiple functions. “Union Republic is a grocer, it’s a cafe, it’s a playground for…

Pig & Pepper

02 Apr 2014, Posted by JCVillage in Spotlights

Husband and wife Lou and Karen Galli — the owners of new shop Pig and Pepper, located at 277 Newark Ave. in the Village neighborhood — love living in Jersey City, and love to work and shop in it, too. Lou, 42, and Karen, 39,…